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Group Therapy* for:

o   Social & Communication Skills (children to adult)

o   Exploring Feelings (for Children & Youth)

o   Managing Children's Behaviour (for Adults)

o   Stress & Coping (for Adults)

(*Note: Wait-lists apply for group programs.)


SECRET AGENT SOCIETY SOCIAL SKILLS PROGRAMsorry, currently we have NO vacancies

Mylne Street Mental Health is currently calling for expressions of interest in the Secret Agent Society Social Skills Training Program. This program is designed to improve the emotional regulation and social skills of children by utilising animated technology, spy gadgets and games. Research has identified a significant increase in children’s social and emotional functioning, following participation in this program which aims to help children learn how to:

  • recognise emotions within themselves and others
  • express feelings in appropriate ways
  • cope with feelings of anger and anxiety
  • start, continue and end conversations and play with others
  • manage bullying
  • cope with making mistakes
  • handle new situations and ask for help when needed
  • make friends. 

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) Program includes:

- one, introductory parent-group meeting (2 hours),

- ten, weekly child-group sessions (2 hours), and

- two, follow-up sessions well after the end of the training program. 

In each weekly session, children will complete games and activities under the guidance of two psychologists. For the final 30 minutes of each weekly session, psychologists will review the session with parents and explain how to support children’s social skill usage in everyday life. Children will be asked to play the SAS Computer Game between sessions and to complete ‘home missions’ with parental guidance. Parents will be given Teacher Tip Sheets to forward to their child’s teacher each week to promote children’s social and emotional development at school. 

If the program is considered to be appropriate for your family, you will need a Secret Agent Society Family Kit ordered through Mylne Street Mental Health. This Family Kit contains all of the resources that your family will need to participate in the SAS program, including a child Cadet Handbook, Gadget Pack, Computer Game, Parent Workbook and Teacher Tip Sheet Pack.   

The all-inclusive fee for our SAS program is $1800. If your child has been offered a place in the program, a minimum deposit of $500 is needed to secure your SAS Family Kit and other program resources. Discounts apply for full-fee payment upfront and Health Care Concession Card holders. Some participants may also be eligible for group therapy rebates via private health funds or Medicare (with GP referral). 

To express your interest in the Secret Agent Society Program, please request email reception@msmh.com.au .

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