Part-Time Clinicians

All of the mental health professionals (psychiatrists, counsellors, psychologists) at Mylne Street Mental Health (MSMH), enjoy their clinical work and we are committed to ongoing professional learning and practice to expand our skills and knowledge to support our clients.  We also believe in work-life balance so may take time to focus on personal health or family needs.

All of us have part-time roles at the clinic and have other contracts or commitments that take us away from the clinic and give us an opportunity to expand our abilities, e.g., completing Masters or Doctoral study and research, working in government sector roles (hospitals, schools, administration etc), teaching into post-graduate university programs, or offering private training through workshops and seminars.

In addition to our regular team members, we regularly have temporary providers who could be:

  • employed by MSMH to deliver specific programs; or
  • based at MSMH in order to complete a university post-graduate practicum; or 
  • completed their psychology registration and now working under supervision toward additional endorsements e.,g. as a Clinical Psychologist.

We are proud of the skills of each member of our team. Everyone has their own areas of interest and expertise so if you are seeking a psychologist, be sure to talk to us about the range of clinicians and services so we can find the best match for your needs.